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Plastic Surgery Options

How Does Rhinoplasty Work?


Rhinoplasty is considered as a surgery done to reshape the nose. This could make the nose larger or make it smaller, which will depend on your requirements. But, the procedure is known as cosmetic, you could also go for it when you have a medical issue with your nose. One example in this case would be where you can go for it when you wish to correct indentation, bumps or other issues in the nose.


When you wish your nose to be made a lot smaller, the surgeon from is going to make cuts inside your nostrils so that you could reach the bone and cartilage. This is known to be a closed rhinoplasty procedure and you will not get visible scars after the procedure is done. Another addition of not having any visible scars, it will take a lot less time and you will get less swelling, which helps you in recovering fast.


When it is impossible for the surgeon in going for closed rhinoplasty, they will go for the other version which is the open version. In this case, the surgeon is going to remove or will rearrange some of the bone cartilage so that it could change the nose's shape.


When you wish to make your nose larger, the surgeon is going to cut inside or between the nostrils and reshape the cartilage and the bone. In order to build up your nose, the surgeon is going to need the use of an extra cartilage or bone. The cartilage is usually taken from the ears while the bone is taken from the skull, hip or from the elbow. The surgeon from this website is also going to use artificial implants; it is however recommended that you utilize your cartilage or bones in order to reduce the risk of infection.


There are various things to which you should expect after surgery. These would be in having splints inside your nostrils in order to keep the nasal bones in place. You will likewise have bandages that are going to be removed before or after a week. Another addition is that your face will feel puffy and that the area around the eyes and nose is going to be bruised and likewise swollen for several days. It is highly advised that you keep your head elevated as much as possible for the first few days after surgery. Also, you need to rest for a few weeks before you return to your regular or daily activities. You should also go to if you are eager to learn more.


Though rhinoplasty is considered to be a great procedure due to the fact that it gives a complete new look, it is important to be cautious about the surgeon to which you hire in order to avoid risks and get the benefits in the end.